ABC was established in 1977 and specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing Bi-Metal material for Auto parts engine industry(OEM) and after service market. The product lines include Bi-Metal Bushing, Self-Lubricant Bearing, Center Beam Bushing, Diamond Graphited Bushing, Trust Flat Washer, Valve Plate, and Solid Lubricants Plugged Bearing.

ABC is committed to a long-term growth plan for its business, driven by new product development and global expansion. From engineering through manufacturing, ABC designs its products to meet the highest quality standards. We are continually working to produce excellent parts that deliver the ultimate in performance and dependability. We provide opportunities for our customers by working in a close relationship with them, identifying the problems they face and offering solutions to satisfy their needs. We look for new ways to do business engineering-sharing, diversity, and new offerings that blend service and products.


By employing the unique method of sintering and mechanical inter-locking by impregnation, ABC products are having gone through long years of elevating its technology. In every respect, ABC products are the most capable, reliable, and versatile self-lubricating products you can buy. ABC products are suitable to use on industrial machinery, constructive machinery, agricultural equipment, truck, automotive application, and truck's suspensors system, even to use on the important components of rotational portion. Based on the demand of global trade, the development of the material flow transportation industry, and the continual growth of truck industry, ABC has been looked by truck's suspensors system, automatic industry, and other business partner.

Customer Satisfaction-The cornerstone of our Business

Since we began in 1977, customer satisfaction has been the guiding principle to serving all of our customers well. Throughout the history of the company, we have changed with the needs of our customers. We have improved manufacturing processes and expanded our technical capabilities. We are capable of working with you closely to develop new products and OEM products. Also, we can provide samples of the designs and help you to engineer concurrently. Quality is an integral part of everything we do at ABC. We are ISO-9001: 2000 certified. Quality is considered at every step in the process. We provide the highest quality part at the best possible price. We use the latest technology to insure strict adherence to your specification and will continue to deliver superior quality, best price, and responsive service. The goal of ABC is to satisfy your unique requirements and cost effectively and to achieve the best performance of your systems.
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