PF Dry Bearing material is composted strip material made up of three layers:

Steel Backing: This steel backing gives PF Bearing material its exceptionally high load carrying capability, thin, compact design; excellent heat dissipation; and dimensional and structural rigidity.
Porous bronze inner structure: This comprises a 0.015-inch (0.381-mm) thick layer of carefully sized Bearing quality bronze powder, which is sintered onto the steel
backing. Then this porous structure is impregnated with a homogeneous mixture of PTFE and lead, in addition to providing maximum thermal conductivity away from the Bearing surface, this unique inner structure also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE-lead mixture.
PTFE-lead overlay: which provides a low friction Bearing surface.

Usable without lubrication.
Maintains a low coefficient of friction at high load, slow speed operations with excellent wear resistance.
Wide applicable temperature range, from -328oF to +482oF(-200oC to +250oF)
Excellent resistance against almost any chemical attack.
Satisfactory with rotating, oscillating and axial sliding motions.
Excellent dimensional stability.

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